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Photographing Your Big Day – The New Must-Have

Your wedding day is the day that you will remember for years to come, but it is only natural to want to capture as much of it on film and photos – both the planned group photos, and the candid moments you and your partner (as well as the guests) will experience throughout the day. As such, hiring a crew or a photographer for the event is an expected expense in the list of any wedding budget. That being said, you might wonder if hiring a photographer alone is enough – can they really capture every moment of your wedding? That is definitely a tall order, after all. Of course, the photographer will try his or her very best, but you might also feel inclined to hire a photo booth for your wedding. If you are still undecided on this, below are a number of good reasons as to why you should!

You have more photos of the guests – generally, a photographer will ask you about who he or she is supposed to keep tabs throughout the day. Obviously, you and your partner will receive the most attention, but beyond that, you can ask your photographer to keep track of your entourage or closest family members at most. This means that you might miss on keepsakes of your guests (and conversely, they also won’t have many opportunities to take photos of themselves). A wedding photo booth erases both of these problems: by providing a platform for your guests to interact with by themselves, you allow them to take as many photos as they like – not to add, you also have chance to mingle with your guests for some very memorable photos (and you take a burden off your photographer).

It can be a part of your agenda – as you would know, weddings have a structured agenda that can go on for hours without much for the guests to do but listen to speeches and look at what is going on. Of course, this is to be expected, but your guests will invariably be a bit fidgety if you keep this up for too long. Even a cheap photo booth hire can be an excellent way to let your guests loosen up themselves in the free time hours. Taking photos is very much of a social activity as dancing or conversing, and your guests are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with this. Visit this link  for more info on cheap photo booth hire Melbourne.

It can be an alternative activity for your guests – usually, at the end of the celebrations, the DJ or band you hired will start playing music and let the guests come onto the dance floor. Most people usually wait impatiently for this moment to come, but there might be some guests who are somewhat uncomfortable or have no interest in dancing. A photo booth can be an excellent alternative for them (as well as for guests tired from dancing).