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Photographing Your Big Day – The New Must-Have

Your wedding day is the day that you will remember for years to come, but it is only natural to want to capture as much of it on film and photos – both the planned group photos, and the candid moments you and your partner (as well as the guests) will experience throughout the day. […]

Make Your Child Happy

When you have children they will become the most important people in the world to you and you will always want to make them happy. Making a child happy is not a hard thing to do and there are lots of different ways that you can make your child happy. A happy child will also […]

90\\\\’s Cover Bands

90’s cover band is one of the greatest set of entertainment that the country has seen, people rock and dance to the music sung on a daily basis, 90’s cover bands are known to put people in a good mood, the songs covered were so good that there are people now a days who are […]